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A golf course marketing agency that drive golf businesses.

Our clients get a dedicated team of marketing experts. They also get far better, reliable results. No weak links in their marketing picture. They get accountability, for consistent presence and engagement with their audience.

This increases customer relationships and delivers long-term outcomes. Clients get experienced decision-making, relevant and relatable strategies, and they feel a high level of trust in their marketing.

Whether your company is an established private club, municipal golf course, or non-traditional golf company, golf marketing is increasingly important for continued success in the competitive golf industry. It is important to market your brand and have a strong online presence. Choosing Club Fifteen Golf Marketing for your golf course means we will ensure that you have all the key components for a successful marketing campaign to match your business goals.

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It’s time you stop wearing so many hats.

Marketing your golf business

Start with your goals

Golf course marketing starts with a plan. A strong marketing plan is essential to stand out in the pack. Club Fifteen will work with you to create a comprehensive, personalized marketing plan. We can include specialized golf industry branding, SEO, search marketing, mobile app marketing, strategy design, reputation management, email marketing, and consulting.

Everything starts with your business goals. Whether you want to increase your membership equity, increase green fee revenue, or attract more daily fee golfers, your plan will raise awareness of your golf business through:

  • a focused marketing campaign
  • a strong online presence
  • essential SEO high rankings.

We will work with your company, budget, and goals to create the best comprehensive marketing strategy for your company. Your digital marketing plan will:

  • Focus on your business goals
  • Build you a roadmap for success
  • Ensure your marketing is consistent

Hire a team of experts

Tiger Woods and other professional golfers are building their brand and business by utilizing a team. Specialized experts in their individual fields allow their players to achieve goals. More than just a coach, with Club Fifteen Golf Marketing you get a specialized team led by a PGA of Canada professional with experience in every corner of the golf business. Marketing is growing in popularity which means it’s even harder to stand out. Quality is paramount.

  • Your website will be built with your business goals at the forefront by a web developer
  • Your SEO will be done with your business goals at the forefront by an SEO expert.
  • Your digital advertising will be done with your business goals at the forefront by a digital ads expert.
  • Your marketing manager will use your business goals to make every marketing decision. From your scorecards to social media posts.

Marketing that gets done & ensures results

Golf facility owners, golf professionals, and managers are a facility’s business growth experts. They are the leaders that help guide the direction of the business. For far too long, these positions have been reduced to firefighters. Putting out a fire after the next.

Successful leaders are delegators. They know where their attention needs to be placed and rely on their team to carry out their duties.

Marketing is embedded in every aspect of your business. It guides all important decisions from membership to expansions. It is almost always the first thing that falls to the side of the desk when a crisis comes up. Hiring our agency will

  • Reduce your workload by ensuring your marketing gets done.
  • High-quality, accountable, and directed marketing to grow your business.
  • Scheduled business growth meetings and strategy sessions.
  • Monthly data reporting.

Real data to guide business direction

Reading data is an important skill for any business professional. By using your real-world data from your website, social media channels, email marketing, and POS, you’ll make informed decisions. By establishing your target market and learning their purchasing habits, your decision-making will become a lot easier. Your ownership or board of directors will have all the confidence they need to approve projects.

  • Reduce the trial-and-error process that plagues golf businesses
  • Approve projects to react faster to a changing golf business landscape.
  • Spend more time on meaningful activities.
  • Save a lot of capital to concentrate it in business growth initiatives.

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